Over the past two decades, we have seen Game 3D Design become increasingly complex. Today things are at a point where everything from Interior design games to external elements needs to be rendered in near photo-realistic quality. Gamers expect nothing less than perfection in terms of design, textures, and model detail as a whole. All of which means that game development companies have to invest increasingly more time and effort, not to mention expertise in developing a game.

Having a good idea for a game will only take you so far. Whether it is a mobile game design or designing a game for a console or PC, graphics matter a great deal. Ask any gamer, and they will tell you that highly detailed environments and realistic graphics are what they want. That said not everyone and especially indie developers are able to compete with AAA title creators. But that’s where outsourcing technical aspects like model, environment and other aspects of 3D design come in!

Low Poly 3D Content Creation Experts

Low poly 3D content creation involves creating the least number of polygons possible to render a 3D model. The models can include characters, landscape elements, and objects. Interestingly during the early days of video game design almost all games used low-poly models. There are two main advantages of low-poly Interior design games:

  • Not Resource Intensive: Running low poly games are not as demanding as their high-poly counterparts. So, they don’t require high-end computers with graphics cards. However, these may be labeled by some players as having ‘low graphics. Thus, these games are seen as being low in demand among hardcore gamers.
  • Faster Creation: When you design a game with low-poly graphics it speeds up creation time. Often there isn’t any need for texturing. So, developers can focus most of their attention on telling a story and improving gameplay mechanics.
  • They Don’t Age: Low poly games are in a way ageless. That means, unlike photo-realistic graphics they won’t expire when 3D technology improves with better software and hardware. Low poly games don’t rely on looking great and so aren’t easily outdated. That’s why many classic games aren’t credited for their graphics.

High Poly 3D Content Creation

Most video game design is high-poly in this day and age. The reason being that high-poly 3D graphics offer superb detail. Plus, much of the latest hardware support highly detailed graphics rendered in real time. However, interior design games with high poly graphics take time and skill to develop. The more seasoned a 3D graphics designer is the more detail they will be able to add in addition to photo realism.

There are many advantages of high-poly 3D graphics in games such as:

  • They Simulate Reality: The better the graphics in terms of textures, lighting, model detail, etc., the more it will be able to simulate reality. It is especially true for games like RPGs, first-person shooters and driving simulators.


  • Help Attract Gamers: Games that use high-poly graphics tend to attract gamers more than those using low-poly graphics.


  • In-Game Advertising: High-Poly 3D games make it possible for indie developers and even businesses to earn revenue by adding in-game advertising. Since the graphics are high-resolution, the advertising is clearly visible which makes it effective. Though it must be noted that many indie developers don’t use this business model to earn revenue from their games.

Hard Surface and Organic Modeling

Hard surface modeling is defined as modeling objects like humanmade structures such as your computer’s monitor, chair, table, etc. Hard surface modeling requires a certain degree of realism depending on the game and the system that the game is intended for release on. We offer many different types of hard surface models based on the kind of game being developed.

We also offer organic modeling, i.e., those of organic environmental elements like trees, flowers, animals, etc. Depending on the Game 3D Design we can create entire environments with both hard and organic models. Each model is meticulously crafted based on our client’s needs. We also use the instructions provided to us when it comes to ensuring that the graphics are compatible with mobile, console and PCs alike. Keep in mind that the screen size of each medium differs which is why a slightly different design route may be taken.

Expert Mobile Game Design

Mobile games like those for consoles and computers have become increasingly complex over the years. Not to mention the fact that demand for mobile games and the revenue earned from have more than tripled in the past few years. Demand for better looking and performing mobile games has made development for platforms like Android and iOS a lot more lucrative than it once was.

Today’s souped-up gaming chips in mobile devices like mobile phones and tablet PCs have meant that they can deliver graphics that are nearly on par with their desktop counterparts. That’s why many of the latest 3d game design workflows for mobile devices are similar to their desktop computer counterparts. Many game developers even aim to push graphics to newer heights with better textures and more detail on mobile devices. All of which means that the models need to be professionally designed.

The one distinction with developing 3D mobile games is that they need to be scalable for different hardware. Obviously, we can design a game that can only run on flagship phones, but that narrows the market to a handful of people who can afford $1000 phones. So, mobile games need to be scalable. That means they should be able to tailor the graphics fidelity depending on the hardware it is run on. However, each game development company may take a slightly different approach based on the type of gamers they are developing.

As experts, we can deliver both high poly and low poly models. We make sure that each model designed follows your instructions in every possible way. Plus, we can help advise on the best way to develop the graphics so that they are optimized for the most devices.

Allow Us to Handle the 3D Graphics For Your Games

Developing a game requires more than just graphics. There is a lot of work that needs to be put into things like the script, coding, animation, etc. Whether you’re an indie game development company or a AAA game developer looking to outsource in favor of speeding up development we can help you.

Our team consists of seasoned 3D game design professionals who can help design any environmental element, character, or fictional model. We can work with ideas, sketches, and already developed sprites. All game elements and assets we design can be easily imported into any game development software like Unity. Additionally, our team is always on standby and willing to work with you on models and elements so that they correctly reflect your vision for the game.

Contact us today to discuss your mobile game design, PC game or any other project!