One of the biggest issues encountered when a 3D object is scanned is that the geometry will depend on the density of the mesh. Obviously, the more polygons the or mesh density a project has the easier it will be to work with especially when it comes to implementing it in something like a game. However, when an object is scanned the sheer density of the polygons can make it hard to work with the model. It can be near impossible to import into games or photorealistic visualization.

A similar problem is experienced with CAD models. After the models are exported from any CAD program, there are huge gaps in the geometry of the parts. The spaces or gaps make working with these models difficult especially if you want to apply complex textures. That’s where 3D Mesh Retopology is the solution to your problem.

How Retopology Helps?

3D scanned models optimization or retopology a model basically means creating a fresh surface which is cleaner and flows efficiently across the edges. Plus, there are several advantages to retopology. The first being a reduced poly count (take a look at the before and after of 3D retopology pictures) which reduces its size making it easier to employ in an array of projects.

After an object is 3D scanned there are point clouds, the software may analyze these point clouds to build the mesh. The mesh density can be set up manually, with lower density resulting in smaller file sizes but with less detail and higher density ones with more detail but larger file sizes. Also, after exporting from the mesh building software and from CAD programs the final mesh is triangulated and could have un-welded parts with the same shape.

Retopology makes it easier to texture a model in Photoshop which is better than having to work around otherwise distorted polygons. Models like the human face require that it flow logically with good edges which then makes the life of artists and animators easier. This is in particular important for the video game development industry where characters need to be imported. Also, good topology is imperative for animation since it directly affects the way in which the model can be animated. Vertices and edges which are badly placed makes life hell for riggers and animators.

Why Professional 3D Mesh Cleaning is Important?

One way 3D Mesh Cleaning is achieved nowadays is by using various tools. These tools use an algorithm to analyze the scanned 3D object and then clean it up. At best it is hit or miss. The end result isn’t always good and it may fail to work with some types of 3D objects. So, you’re always better off hiring a professional who will meticulously rebuild the mesh and clean it up.

The mesh needs to be rebuilt from the ground up as the object is sculpted. It is essentially similar to sculpting an object from scratch. It is painstakingly difficult but the end result makes it worth the effort. For the most part it not only makes the scanned 3D object more versatile and easier to work with it also makes it easier to further build upon. That’s where professional 3D Mesh Retopology done by a professional, and by hand is so important.

If you have scanned 3D objects that need to be included in CAD, a video game etc. we can help with cleaning it up. Our contact.

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