Top Mobile ? Applications for 3D Modeling in 2019

Slightly over a decade ago, only the most powerful computers were able to create, manipulate and even run 3D models reliably. Since then a lot has changed. Smartphones have become increasingly powerful to the point that even a midrange phone running Android or iOS is capable of rendering a 3D model or even a sketch fairly reliably.

In addition to the CAD suite of packages, there are numerous other iOS 3D modeling app and ones for  Android platforms that can be used to create 3D models fairly easily. Below we list some of the best 3D Modeling, Capturing and Printing apps that anyone can use on their smartphones.

Android applications to create 3d models

Now while there are a number of 3d app android applications which are capable of creating 3D models, they are all not ideal for most types of 3D modeling. That said there is a handful of which are really good 3d applications for Android like the ones below.

Spacedraw logo


Created by Scalisoft, the application called Spacedraw is the first full-fledged 3d design app for Android smartphones and tablets. The only stipulation to use this 3d modeling android application is that your smartphone needs to have a screen resolution of beyond 800 pixels, but with most midrange phones sporting a 1080p screen, it isn’t going to be a problem.

The best thing about Spacedraw 3d model maker app is that it is easy to use for anyone who has some experience using 3D modeling software. However, those who have no history of using 3D design software may find it more difficult to learn. The good thing is that Spacedraw sticks to what works for regular 3D design software which makes it more comprehensible. Using it, creatives can create primitives, curves, patch surfaces, and polygonal surfaces. Also, ready models can be easily exported in OBJ format.



AutoCAD for Android and AutoCAD for iOS is an easy to use 3d Modeling app which allows people to draw and create 3D models on their mobile device. Compatible with both phone and tablets running Android. Using the program allows you to save, edit and view projects.

Similar to its desktop counterpart the 3d modeling for android app open drawings in 3D and 2D via the DWG format. Plus all projects can be exported and imported from its desktop counterpart in this format. tests your skills as a 3D modeler on a mobile device. The application is free to use. Using it creators can create volumetric models thanks to its simplified process. However, other aspects of 3D modeling are also made easier thanks to its intuitive layout and numerous tools allowing you to see the bottom of the model easily. also offers numerous customizable elements when creating models. You can start with a basic geometric figure and then work your way up to more complex models. Importing a figure as well as exporting it is comparatively easy. Plus, the models can be saved in numerous formats including popular ones like .3Ds Max format.

d3D Sculptor logo

D3D Sculptor

D3D Sculptor as the name suggests is a 3D modeling tool for Android. It allows users to edit and create 3D models which can later be textured. It makes 3d modeling on Android comparatively easier. Working with a model is a lot like working on a sculpture. The tools allow you to draw the model, create dents, rotate, stretch, etc. So, you can manipulate the object any way you want. The resulting model will look like a clay sculpture and can be exported to other powerful 3D modeling programs for further processing.

The drawback of using D3D Sculptor is that it is complex. The interface isn’t easy to understand, and so you’ll have to watch a couple of YouTube video tutorials before it is possible to make anything meaningful using the app. Finally, compatible devices would have at least a gigabyte of ram and 1Ghz processor speed.

SDF 3D logo


SDF 3D is amongst the best 3d model android for anyone who wants to create 3D models, ergonomically accurate furniture design, home designs, decorations, toys, industrial concepts, etc. However, unlike competing applications, this one is a lot more complex and requires professional skill.

The software offers an array of modeling tools as well as the ability to save the model in a format compatible with 3D printers. Plus, it uses the SoftEdge modeling method which is excellent for mobile devices since it has a small memory footprint and isn’t as processor dependent.

Fusion 360

Fusion 360

Fusion360 is another piece of CAD and 3d modeling apps by Autodesk. It is an excellent 3D design tool and can be used to develop products generally based on cloud technologies combining opportunities for digital design, collaboration, and machining into one suite. Using the software allows for you to quickly and reliably view ideas using the integrated platform which covers almost every stage of development.

The Fusion360 3d modeling apps for Android has become pretty much the standard when it comes to CAM and CAD software owing to its nearly unlimited potential, great support, low system requirements, and user-friendliness.

Onshape logo


Onshape is a program which allows Android users to create 3D CAD models on the go. In addition to creating it can also help you view files and with a complete suite of CAD tools, it is also best suited for engineers who don’t want to travel with their laptops everywhere.

Onshape has a pretty comprehensive training page with short lessons on things like how to draw and use the new touch interface.

Here are a couple of other interesting applications for Android:

  • 3D Builder

  • Shapr3D

  • 123D Sculpt+

  • Home Design 3D

Top Android Applications for 3D Printing

Seeing as how 3D printing is the future a couple of developers have managed to build some of the best 3d printing apps for Android and other mobile devices like those running Apple’s iOS operating system. These apps make it easy to build objects on a 3D printer directly via their smartphones.

Thingiverse logo


Thingiverse is a mobile app and is the go-to for many in the design community who build and share 3D printable designs. It is possible to find an array of objects from statues, clothes, phones, and lampshades to covers, etc. All that’s required is to tap and download what you want to the Replicator and then print it out from there.

MakerBot logo


It is a mobile app which is generally used by engineers. The MakerBot app can be used by people of varying skill levels, and it works out of the box with MakerBot’s Replicator 3D printers. Engineers can prepare various types of files using the app on their smartphones and then create 3D printer capable files.

eDrawings logo


eDrawings enables users to create 3D models for both regular references as well as augmented reality. It makes 3d modeling software for Android easier. The models are viewable in the app’s AR section, and they appear as they would in the real world. Users can also choose where to store the 3D models as well as the CAD files which include cloud storage solutions like OneDrive and Google Drive etc.

Top Mobile Applications to Create 3D Shots on Camera

Camera 3D logo


It is an impressively designed and well-featured photo app capable of taking 360-degree photos and making GIFs of images on an Android device. It can stitch together a 3D image set based off 99 pictures, and the 3D images can easily be shared via the My Upload section.

Camera 3D also has what they call a vibrating stereo mode in which two images are put together and vibrated producing a 3D effect. The vibration speeds can be changed by just sliding the screen. It also has a multi-angle feature in which 3 or more pictures can easily be previewed as though it was a multi-angle 3D picture.

All images can be saved in both GIF or can be exported to an SD card.

Candy Camera logo

Candy Camera

It is an app aimed squarely at those who like taking selfies. It offers 3D graphics features along with 70+ filters that can be used to make your pictures stand out. Plus, it has the option to revert to the original and change filters in case you make a mistake.

Some features of Candy Camera include a timer, silent mode, and a crop re-touch feature. It is possible to choose a decorative frame for the finished image, in addition to providing color, shadow, a candy background, and textures. It also allows you to add emoticons, stickers, text, etc.

Phogy logo


PHOGY allows users to create 3D selfies which are animated; these images can then be shared through email and social networks or even used as wallpapers. All you need is an Android device, and there are no special hardware requirements except for having a camera built-into the device.

You just take a picture and move your smartphone to activate the 3D camera in the app. While the app is free, you can add on additional features via in-app purchases.

3D CAMERA logo


It is an easy to use app, and it can enable a standard camera on an Android smartphone to produce excellent quality stereo photos. Some of the features are cross-eyed stereogram, automatic cropping, animated images which are viewable in the browser, color anaglyph, etc. The resulting images can easily be shared on social media networks.



It is a well-designed app available via the Google Play Store and VR enabled. The app assists users in taking photos and offer a 3D experience allowing you to enjoy all the magical moments in a 3D space. Though Google Cardboard will be needed to view pictures in VR. There is also a picture gallery and has a feature allowing sharing of the photos via email and social media.

Fyuse logo


It is amongst the easiest apps to use for 3D images. Fyuse, allows users to look at a scene from various angles and that can be activated by either swiping on the screen, or you can tilt the phone. Plus it works as a social media platform whereby images can easily be shared via the app. Those images can also be shared via social media, text, and email.

Gun Camera 3D Simulator logo

Gun Camera 3D Simulator

Gun Camera is an augmented reality 3D app with a gun! That’s right you can take photos as though it was taken down the barrel of a gun in 3D virtual reality. You can choose from a selection of rifles, pistols, etc. Each weapon is realistic and is held in front of your eyes similar to a first-person shooter game. Plus, there is a night vision camera mode in addition to different special effects.

P360 Panorama Camera logo

Panorama 360

It is one of the best 3d design android apps and an excellent choice for anyone who wants to create Pro level panorama shots. It’s one tap simplicity allows for a user to easily move their phone from left to right creating the panoramic image. The image is then stitched together using an algorithm within a minute after which it can be shared via social media or viewed in 3D.

The app mainly engages with users via their real-time panorama feed, and it supports automatic SD card storage, photosphere integration, HD option, and non-compass captures, etc. Plus, you can find nearby panoramas by using the app’s Nearby feature.

Camarada logo


Camerada is another unique photo app which supports 3D photos. It enables users to create a 3D video by linking multiple smartphones close together as opposed to requiring expensive equipment. You can then watch those videos via the app’s VR player, and use goggles for a more immersive experience.

The features include a single user mode which captures 2D videos, which are then rendered in VR for goggles. Plus, the dual phone mode allows you to use nearby smartphones which are automatically linked to create 3D videos. You can use 3 or more phones which can be friends and family members who want in on the action!

Phereo 3D Photo logo

Phereo 3D Photo

Phereo 360 photo is an app which enables users to capture HD quality 3D photos. One of the upsides of the app is that you can create a photo gallery of your own and share it with others. You can also browse through other people’s featured galleries experiencing some of the most breathtaking photos shot in 3D across the world.

The native 3D mode supports Android smartphones as well as tablets but if you don’t have one of their listed devices it can still be used, but some of the functionality is disabled. Plus, there are various viewing modes like Anaglyph, Wiggle, Google Cardboard, and Mono. The app supports formats like JPEG, JPS, and MPO.

Qlone logo

Qlone – 3D Scanning & AR Solution

Qlone uses what it calls a printed mat to provide visual feedback regarding the scanning process for an object. It supports quicker camera use for solving algorithms which means that the results are displayed almost as soon as it is directly captured. Perhaps its most significant advantage is that it offers near real-time offline experience which provides an advantage over many other capturing apps which may rely on the cloud for processing so you’ll need to wait minutes for it to complete.

In addition to scanning, users can also edit and export 3D objects. So, scans can be further worked on using professional software.


3D applications for the Android operating system are now increasingly powerful and versatile. It can allow professionals as well as regular people to create, render, and print 3D objects on their printers. Plus, professionals can work on creative designs when on the go. Not to mention the fact that these apps often cost far less than their full-fledged professional counterparts for the desktop and aren’t as resource intensive.

When it comes to finding a 3d drawing app android or 3d modeling software android, you can’t go wrong with our list above as it is something that’s used by many professionals. The same goes for iOS 3D modeling as many of the apps mentioned above are available via the Appstore too. However, because of Apple’s stringent security features and strict quality control many apps aren’t able to make it to the iOS platform just as easily.

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