We Designed the Ultimate Love Nest for Valentine’s Day ?

St. Valentine’s day has all struck us directly in the heart! Love is in the air which is why our creative team decided to experiment with a brand-new type of floor plan, with love as its primary inspiration. As professionals, we design dozens of conventional and often unconventional floor plans for our clients. None of them are boring because each design is unique, but some of them need to be genuinely out of the box! However, rarely are we asked to come up with something that has emotion like love as its theme. So, we challenged ourselves to come up with floor plans that were more than brilliant, i.e.; they were ‘lovely’! If anything it was to inspire the hundreds if not thousands of people to think more emotionally.

The Architectural Version of Valentine’s Day

We took St. Valentine’s day symbol of love, i.e., a heart and turned it into its architecture counterpart. To do that we designed the main building in the shape of a heart with a representation of an arrow going right through it. The arrow represents Cupid’s arrow striking a person’s heart with love.

The arrow we designed as the entrance into the building. It was the best possible way to offer a means to enter the building but without having to add any additional structures. We then made further use of the arrowhead which goes on to form the shape of a pool.

The design as you can see in the renders we’ve put up on the page is representative of how something like an arrow through the heart can be creatively used in architectural renderings. The outside of the building is painted pink for obvious romantic reasons. We have chosen green as the color of the arrow, but other colors can also be used for a different effect.

However, while the external outlook of the building or structure is critical, what’s equally important is how this unique looking love nest will look over on the inside. That’s what we’ll go into below.

Entering into the One Bed Love Nest for Lovers!

We wanted to keep the Love Nest as simple as possible. Though the bare essentials should all be available, there should be a bit of romance over on the inside too. Inside the Love Nest, you get a bathroom, a single bedroom, living room, and barbeque area with a bit of backyard space.

The rounded walls add a bit of drama to the design especially when we paired them with windows. Though it was challenging arranging all the furniture in what is an unusually shaped interior. We managed to pull off the interior design by adding all the meaningful creature comforts while at the same time using the open space to make the rooms look larger.

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In our opinion and that of many other people, the interior can’t be complete without a creative splash of color in the right places. Our choice of color palette is a little unconventional owing to the rather unconventional theme and design of the building. The bedroom walls are dark blue, with printed art. The objective was to highlight the beauty of the floral art that matches the romantic setting of the bedroom. The Living Room is a pure white color with green floral art. The reason we chose white was because the goal was to make the living room bright and appear larger. Finally, the bathroom gets exquisite blue chevron tiles with a leave printed whitewall rounding off a romantically inspired aesthetic.

Creative Design Wins Hearts

Whether you are designing a home, redoing the interior of an office or perhaps trying to come up with a unique makeover for some other space creativity goes a very long way. We are seeing an increasing trend towards businesses and individuals who are in the market for creatively and often romantically themed designs. These designs can be that of an interior or the exterior of a building.

The purpose of designing this concept of a Love Nest was to showcase our ability to come up with truly unique designs which look brilliant and are practical at the same time. It takes experience, imagination, and knowledge of the right tools to pull something like what we did off but it is all worth it. After all, who wouldn’t want to live in a love nest like the one, we designed?

Want a Creative Edge?

If our Love Nest has inspired you to design something similar, or perhaps you have a theme in mind, then contact us today. We would love to work on your ideas to make them a reality! After all what use is a Love Nest if it isn’t real!

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