You need to pitch your product to an investor, but it hasn’t been made by the manufacturer yet! What do you do? A technical animation video is a great start.

A 30-second technical 3D animation video can communicate volumes about your product without saying a single word. Unlike a diagram or live-action video, 3D technical animation instantly shows a potential customer or investor exactly what makes your product so special. It’s essentially showing your product at its best in all its highly-technical glory.

Tsymbals Animation Studio offers a wide range of 3D animated videos. Here’s a breakdown of the many types of videos we offer:

Product Technical 3D Animation Videos

Our 3D animation product videos are the perfect way to demonstrate exactly how your product works. If your product requires an extensive demo, has many different parts or features a unique mechanism not often seen in products of its kind, it might be useful to create a technical flash animation video in order to clearly demonstrate how your product works or to provide an up-close view of its design.

A video might also be useful for companies who haven’t finished building their product, can’t carry around a prototype due to size or are promoting their soon-to-be built product on funding platforms like Kickstarter or Indiegogo.

3D Animation Of The Process

Another type of technical animation is the “process video” (also called assembly animation) which demonstrates a product that has to be assembled by the customer. If only IKEA furniture included technical 3D assembly animation  videos with their instruction books, it might be easier to build! A process video is a great way to show investors or potential customers how your furniture or piece of industrial engineering fits together.

Medical Equipment Animations:

A medical equipment company might employ technical animation services to show how their medical tools work when interacting with the body. This could be a valuable tool for selling your products to hospitals or as a demo for curious patients.

Architectural Animations:

How is work like the blueprints for a skyscraper communicated to investors? An architectural animation video of course! An architectural 3D animation is a great way for architects to see their design come to life before the building process even starts. An arch animation can be used as a part of a sales pitch, a demo that can be shown to potential buyers or as part of an ad campaign.

We’ve created animations for everything from adjustable glasses frames to smart ovens to remote controlled tennis court covers. We have experience in creating photorealistic rendering of both large and small products. Nothing is too “out there” for our highly-skilled team of professional animators to tackle.

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