One of the biggest challenges when it comes to remodeling your home is knowing how a particular type of material will look. Another nuance is the best place to install the television, bookshelf or any other item. A home renovation project is both exciting and also scary. It is easy to envision yourself enjoying the space you created but since you’re going to be putting in a lot of hard-earned money into the project the margin for error is zero! So, to ensure the success of any home remodeling project regardless of what you’re working on it pays to invest in professional 3D rendering.


3D rendering is highly recommended whether you’re remodeling the entire home or other aspects of your home like maybe even the pantry. It will help you to visualize the space and find potential problems before the actual work starts.

Kitchen before renovation

What Challenges are Faced with a Home Renovation Project?

3D modeling of your home will help make the following types of decisions easier when undertaking extensive remodeling:

  • What color schemes, textures, fixtures, and materials to use?
  • What types of lighting, racks, sinks, countertops, doors, bathtubs and other items will look best in the space
  • Visualize the layout in different variations to find one that you like best

Most home and business owners can’t visualize for instance how their kitchen will look post a home renovation project. They may have an idea, but that does not mean it will necessarily look good. Nobody wants to end up with a renovated kitchen that looks dark during the day or blinds occupants when the sun is shining. Kitchen renovation costs hundreds of dollars, and in the grand scheme of things, the slightest mistake will cost a lot of money.

Kitchen Renovation Project

Scene 01 min
Scene 03 min
Scene 05 min
Scene 08 min

It Is Far Cheaper Than A Bungled Home Renovation

Many high-end kitchen and home renovation companies will start with creating a couple of 3D models for clients based on their requirements like the ones above. The objective is to give potential customers an overview of what the service can offer regarding aesthetics and quality. However, there is also a much deeper reason for these 3D interior design models, and that’s to save money.

Helps with Choosing the Right Colors

A big decision during any kitchen renovation or living room renovation project is the color scheme for the overall layout and essential parts like the kitchen cabinets. Depending on the size, type and design of your kitchen there only certain color schemes that will look good but how do you know which? Again, 3D modeling of the kitchen or bedroom renovation can show you the space in different colors. So, you can choose the best color scheme, and kitchen cabinets based on your existing choices of materials and even the size of the kitchen.

Kitchen renovation 01


As a homeowner, if you’re deciding to undertake home renovation on your own, it would be a good idea to get it modeled in 3D first. That way you can also show the contractor what you want, and that will help them source the right materials and figure out the dimensions of everything in the kitchen. It also reduces if not eliminates the chances of error since you know what you’re getting and the contractors know what they should be doing.

So, save your hard-earned money today and start with an Interior 3D Renderings of your home to find the right combination of materials, colors and other accessories.


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