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Love Nest – real estate development creative ads

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We Designed the Ultimate Love Nest for Valentine’s Day ?

St. Valentine’s day has all struck us directly in the heart! Love is in the air which is why our creative team decided to experiment with a brand-new type of floor plan, with love as its primary inspiration. As professionals, we design dozens of conventional and often unconventional floor plans for our clients. None of them are boring because each design is unique, but some of them need to be genuinely out of the box! However, rarely are we asked to come up with something that has emotion like love as its theme. So, we challenged ourselves to come up with floor plans that were more than brilliant, i.e.; they were ‘lovely’! If anything it was to inspire the hundreds if not thousands of people to think more emotionally.

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Retopology (3D scans cleanup) and models optimization (reconstruction).

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One of the biggest issues encountered when a 3D object is scanned is that the geometry will depend on the density of the mesh. Obviously, the more polygons the or mesh density a project has the easier it will be to work with especially when it comes to implementing it in something like a game. However, when an object is scanned the sheer density of the polygons can make it hard to work with the model. It can be near impossible to import into games or photorealistic visualization.

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